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BeamTool 9 standard pricing is $2,285 USD for the SoftLock version (SL), $2,385 USD for the HardLock version (HL) and $2,485 USD for the FlashLock version (FL). See Purchasing for more details.

Existing BeamTool users can upgrade to version 9 from previous versions and formats for the following upgrade fees:

 BeamTool 7 or 8 (SL, HL or FL) to BeamTool 9 (same format)

Price $750.00 USD

BeamTool 3, 4, 5, or 6 (SL, HL or FL) to BeamTool 8 (same format)

Price $1,000.00 USD

Additional Fees

Below are additional fees that apply to upgrades from one format to another:

$100.00 USD + shipping (SL to HL)
$200.00 USD + shipping (SL to FL)
$100.00 USD + shipping (HL to FL) - HardLock must be returned.

Please contact BeamTool Support to purchase your upgrade to BeamTool 9. Have your existing Serial Number or HardLock Key ID ready.


For more information, email us at 
or call  (800) 490-1073 and ask for BeamTool Support