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InspectionBank provides effective process management & secure control of scan data from acquisition to analysis reporting.

InspectionBank provides a complete suite of NDT inspection software tools enabling online inspection management and also disconnected mobile client, client web portal, and procedure & technique management.

Proven Results

Provide a collaborative, efficient, consistent,  and cost-effective work flow.

Manage all aspects of inspection including:

  • Detailed records for components being inspected
  • CertificationsInspection records by method
  • Data files and images acquired
  • Indication recording and visualizationy
  • Advanced visual reporting
  • Graphical visualization of components and their state

People are employees, customers, vendors, etc…

InspectionBank manages:

  • Training
  • Certifications
  • Experience
  • Safety
  • Medical
  • Scheduling

Assets are the material and equipment you use to perform inspection work.

InspectionBank manages:

  • Calibrations
  • Documentation
  • Asset Control and Usage
  • Maintenance
  • Scheduling

  • Manage project’s scope and all supporting material in one place
  • Schedule assets and people utilization for project execution
  • Breakdown into jobs and map through to components for inspection
  • Documents provides secure storage and access to all types of documents
  • Advanced versioned document control following the check-in/check-out paradigm
  • Easy-to-use and manage
  • Embedded document management keeps documents accessible where they are most relevant
  • Specialized document management
  • Manage the authoring and distribution of procedures and techniques
  • Relate procedures and techniques to the components that are inspected and the people that need them
  • Allows old data files to be removed from server and sorted on archive media
  • Records and attribution about inspections are preserved in the database
  • Archived data can be recovered if required
  • Allows InspectionBank to run without a connection to the master server
  • Perfect for field acquisition where networks are not available
  • Synchronizes new inspections back to server automatically upon connect
  • Provides customers and other people web based access to published report live via a standard web browser
  • Safe, secure, fast distribution of inspection results and reports
  • Provides tools for integrating InspectionBank with other systems
  • Can be used to load data into InspectionBank or fetch data out
  • Uses industry standard XML to describe records and attribution